Saturday, October 30, 2010

Something strange

So I was taking photos of the beautiful sky this morning and something odd came out on one of the photos. I just take pics from my cell phone, so nothing fancy. I took another photo immediately after the first one and nothing weird was in that photo. I didnt see this thing until after the photo was taken. Let me also say that there were no birds around nor any trees. check out the weird one and the one right after, Id love to hear your thoughts. (These photos have not been edited in anyway)
Weird photo

Normal photo

At first glance I thought it was a bird but then I remembered there were no birds around when I took this picture. Someone else said it looks like a feather... but once again no birds around. And even if it was a feather what are those bright things next to it? Someone suggested it was a leaf... um no trees anywhere near this photo. A bug? yet it doesnt really look like a bug and if it were it would have been much smaller. I have no idea what it is but at the risk of sounding crazy, Im gonna say that I dont think its something normal. What exactly do I mean? Im not really sure. I know that everyone I have shown this photo to has never seen anything like it. 


Trena said...

Ok, I've been staring at this photo and I cannot think of what that "thing" is. I mean, if something was there you would have seen it when you took the picture. Right? Right. I don't know but it gives me chills (not in a bad way). I'm super curious as to what this is.

Wyatt's Mommie said...

I like to view it when it is blown up.... gives me the chills..

Tiffany said...

I like to view it when it is blown up.... gives me the chills..

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