Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Some more mail

I had completely forgot that when I talked to the lady at the prenatal loss department a couple of months ago for the August 19th day of hope donation, that she mentioned that there was going to be a garden dedication for their children's memorial garden in October. Seeing that the month is already half over I was afraid I may have already missed it. But then I remembered that she told me she was going to mail me out some information on it which I had not received yet. 

So I gave her a call last week just to make sure that I had not missed it. Luckily I had not and she also told me that she had my information sitting on her desk to mail me out the information.

During our conversation I told her about Faces of Loss, Faces of Hope and offered to give her some of the postcards I had gotten from them to offer to grieving parents. She sounded very excited about this and told me to bring them when I went for the garden dedication.

Well yesterday look what I got in the mail. The information on the garden dedication. Though I knew she was going to mail it soon, it still brought tears to my eyes. Its printed on the most beautiful paper with flowers and a butterfly. The dedication is going to be ob October 28th and they will be planting tulips during the dedication. How very sweet. I will most definitely take photos and post about it when the day comes.

Until then I have my second walk that I am going to attend this Saturday. It is much farther than my first walk and my dad agreed to go with me. Although it saddens me that I know he isnt going for Genesis. He isnt even so much going for me either. He said he will go because "he likes to walk." Sigh. Well... at least he will physically be there and I guess thats more than any other family member has done. Im a little nervous and anxious for the walk, not as much as I was for the first walk. I suppose its because I know more or less what to expect now. Although Im told this is a much bigger walk than the LA walk. The LA walk just started this year and the OC walk has been going on for years. Honestly, in my opinion, bigger isnt always better. I know Cassie (founder of LA Walk To Remember) was saying that her walk doesnt compare to the OC walk... but the LA walk was so personal. It was an intimate group of about 100-150 I would guess and lunch was provided and it was just a nice day. I see pictures online of this big OC walk and yes its beautiful and yes its awesome to have so much support but I cant help that its more commercialized and not as intimate. But I think both walks have their pros and cons and are beautiful in their own ways. I am glad I get to experience both of them this year. Oh and I got a very special balloon that I cant wait to post pics of on Saturday.


Wyatt's Mommie said...

I can't wait to see the photos of the tulips being planted. I am sorry that you father is not going to support you or Genesis. Please know, that if I was closer, I would be there to support you. <3

Lisette said...

We have our hospital garden memorial this Friday, I am excited and sad at the same time too. I wish I could have joined you for the OC walk, hopefully next year we can do a walk together.
Can't wait to see your pictures and I am glad that your dad is going to join you.

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