Saturday, October 23, 2010

The OC Walk To Remember

I apologize its taken me so long to post pictures of the walk. Since I pretty much told the story on my last post this will just be the photos. Enjoy.

My dad

This touched my heart because even though she couldn't walk, she was still showing her support. How very beautiful.
Saw many of these in the parking lot. My car included
Even though there wasnt a balloon release, and even though my balloons lost their helium, I captured these 3 pink balloons flying off into the sky
What a most beautiful sky for the end of the walk
And because I know that you're there isnt a pregnancy & infant loss balloon. (which really sucks and someone needs to change that) What I did was get the pink breast cancer awareness ribbon and spray painted half of it blue. A note for those of you that want to try this. It must be spray paint, regular paint is too heavy and the balloon will not float. Even the spray paint needs to be done lightly because it still may have trouble floating. Painting one side still left it floating perfectly. It got weighed down with the backside painted as well so that is why I had to buy the other balloons as well to keep it all floating. Another note, spray paint RUNS, so if you are going to try this, be careful it doesnt run on the part you want to keep pink. Any part the paint touches will remove the pink paint. So if it runs to the pink and you wipe it quickly, that spot is now silver. Just fyi.


michelle hs said...

absolutely LOVE the balloon! maybe someday there will be a balloon that you don't have to spray paint...hugs!

Holly said...

That was a great idea to do that to the balloon!

Tiffany said...

That was a great idea to do that to the balloon!

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