Monday, October 18, 2010

Day 18

Day 18 - my wedding/future wedding/past wedding

I cant believe Im going to post even more pictures of my ex husband. But I said I would stick to this and answer/ post for each of the questions. 

After all, my marriage did happen. Just because its over I dont pretend it didnt exist. Just like Genesis. Its part of my past, its part of who I am and how I got to be where I am today. So here goes. {deep breath}

Im coming back to this post a few days later only to realize I really didnt write much about my wedding day. Sorry, I guess just posting the pictures was hard enough.

At any rate, as you can see we were married May 29th 2004. It was a beautiful day, of course with its mishaps. The first thing that went wrong was that a black limo showed up instead of a white one. If I recall my exact words where "we look like we are going to a funeral." The ceremony was beautiful. It took place at my church that I grew up in, but did not currently attend. Unfortunately many of our friends and family were not able to make it in time to see the wedding even though we started about an hour late. This is because there was only one freeway that you could take to get there and there happened to be a bank robber running from the police. The caught up to him on the freeway and actually closed it down. From what I read in the news, they eventually killed him on the freeway. Nice huh? So many of our guests arrived as we were leaving the church.

My husband thought it would be great to have fortune cookies as a favor to all the guests who attended the ceremony. Because of cost, we were not able to have everyone attend the reception so this was our little special something to them thanking them for coming. We bought the cookies before we even knew we couldn't have everyone at the reception. My husband being the comic thought it would be funny to write "Thanks for coming, now go home." That was his type of humor. Well, when not everyone could come to the reception and I realized what the message said I was mortified. But there was nothing I could do about it by that point.

Then I had left someone in charge of taking the CDs with the music that we were going to play at the reception. Well, this person evidently forgot it. When they went back to the church to get it, it was locked. (later on we discovered it wasnt even left in the church but someone took it) So we arrived at the reception location took photos ( including this on -->) and they had me sitting outside for some reason. My new husband had left my side and minutes turned into hours. I wasnt told a thing as to what was going on and here I was, a new bride waiting to celebrate with friends and family and I had no idea where my husband was or why I was sitting outside my own reception eating crab legs. Someone finally told me about the CD situation and it turns out my husband actually ran home to burn another CD. I was on the verge of tears. unbeknownst to me, all the guests were already waiting inside the hall and the food was ready to go but had not been served because the bride and groom were not there. From what I was told after the fact, my brother... yes that brother, got upset when he saw people getting food after waiting over an hour and he made them put the food back. I was mortified when I heard this. He in no way was in charge of anything in my special day and to have guests put their food back is beyond embarrassing. 

When my husband finally did come back then we made our grand appearance as Mr. & Mrs. Lopez. Our introduction song was "Eye of the Tiger." And no he didnt pick it lol I did. I always loved that song especially since my high school mascot was a tiger. My dance with my dad was to "my girl", another song that reminded me of high school because a group of friends and I played this song in a performance. My first dance with my husband was to Jennifer Lopez's "Could this be love?". Its a pretty song but I couldn't decide on the perfect song so I settled for this one. I worried that people would think the title/ Corus meant I wasnt sure if I was in love. But I knew I was... at the time.

This photo makes me sad because it was shortly after this that my grandmother developed Alzheimer's. I feel that this ill fated marriage was a waste and wished she had been there to witness something that was supposed to last forever.
PhotobucketIm not one who likes to draw attention to themselves. I was mortified when I had to dance with my dad and again with my husband. I was literally the center of attention and I hated every minute of it. I rather blend into the background but this was one time where I couldn't do that. There was one regret I did have that night. Its that moment where you grab the mic and you are once again the center of attention and all eyes are on you as you thank everyone. My husband grabbed the mic first and basically said everything that I wanted to say. I should have still grabbed the mic and said thank you as well but my nerves got the better of me and all I could do was smile because if I had to have said something I think I would have started crying or fainted or something. So I said nothing. I feel like I looked like the biggest ingrate ever. Im so embarrassed looking back.

PhotobucketWe got married on a 3 day weekend because we wanted to take a mini trip for our honeymoon since we both could not get vacation time off until August. So we spend the 3 day weekend in Santa Monica. It was the cutest little hotel room, almost like old hollywood. I remember we went to the aquarium, we went to the movies and then to the mall where my husband bought me my firs pair of shoes as a married woman. I still have them.

For our actual honeymoon, we went to Miami, FL. We spend 3 weeks there. We took a mini cruise to the bahamas as well. And wouldn't you know it while in Miami hurricane charley hit. Yup. Perhaps all these horrible things that went so wrong were a shadow of what was to come. Maybe it was bad luck or a coincidence. Either way, I dont regret marring him. He gave me all my beautiful children. I learned so much about myself and I grew as a person. I wouldn't change it if I could.


Franchesca said...

I'm so sorry Tiffany. You were a beautiful beautiful bride.


Jessica said...

I'm sorry Tiffany - they are beautiful pictures and you are definitely a very beautiful woman and you were a very beautiful bride <3

Holly said...

You are a beautiful bride!

croleyc69 said...

I'm sorry Tiffany but you sure were a beautiful bride. Thanx for sharing these.


Michelle said...

This must have been very hard and you are so brave to share. I'm so sorry it had to end. I agree with everyone else, you are very beautiful Tiffany.

Antoinette said...

YOU REALLY ARE SO BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!! And now that i have seen him, the kids look JUST like you ;) so pretty!!!!!

im sorry to hear about your grandmother, aunts grandmother has it too and its so hard to watch them slip also sorry that you had to see his true colors too late, but he did give you 3 beautiful children so there is good to him =)

Lisette said...

Letting your guard down is not always easy. I agree with everyone, you are beautiful bride.

Audrey said...

I'm sorry your marriage ended. but u were a beautiful bride.

*Laura Angel said...

I am sorry it did not work out for you :( You are beautiful!

Tiffany said...

I am sorry it did not work out for you :( You are beautiful!

Tiffany said...

I'm so sorry Tiffany. You were a beautiful beautiful bride.


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