Friday, September 24, 2010

Wow, Genesis & I got an award for our blog!

I just received a comment from Wyatt's mama at Wyatt's Whisper that said said:

"Love ya girlie... Check out my blog, I honored In The Beginning There Was Genesis with an award!!!!"

I was totally caught by surprise and headed on over to her blog to see the award. Genesis and I received the "One Lovely Blog Award". Thank you so much for the honor of remembering our blog and sharing such a wonderful award. It definitely lifted my spirits from my last post.

By excepting the award, I agreed to follow the simple rules, which are listed below:

1. Accept the award. Post it on your blog with the name of the person who has granted the award and his/her blog link.

2. Pay it forward to 10 other bloggers that you have newly discovered.

3. Contact those blog owners and let them know they have been chosen.

I have hand selected the blogs for which I would like to award the "One Lovely Blog" award. And they are:

And here is the award:

If you have been selected, please continue this award by following the rules above. I enjoy reading and following each of your blogs. You each have inspired me is so many ways. Much love to all.


Lisette said...

Aaawww, THANK YOU for awarding my blog. That makes me feel so special. ((HUGS))

Holly said...

Thank you!! :)

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