Monday, September 13, 2010

Im old

Ok ok Im not old. Its just my birthday today. Im 27 but I feel like Im going on 50. Not physically, emotionally. This quote hits close to home:

Do not judge the bereaved mother.
She comes in many forms.
She is breathing, but 
she is dying.
She may look young, but inside 
she has become ancient.
She smiles, 
but her heart sobs.
She walks, she talks, she cooks,
she cleans, she works, she IS
but she IS NOT all at once.
She is here, but part of her is elsewhere for eternity.

-Donna Jones

I have felt like the bolded part for a while. Since Genesis died. And Im secretly, or not so secretly, terrified of inching my way closer to 30.

One good thing did happen this morning though. My coworker and friend posted on my wall on facebook saying "You're finally 27 with 3 kids..." This touched my heart as she isnt a BLM. But obviously she knows of Genesis and still remembers her. The only other time in my life Genesis was acknowledged without my prompting, was at D's babyshower. My good friend Jen wrote on the card to her gift "congratulations on being and becoming a mom." Words like that mean so much to me. So thank you Angelina for being a great friend to not only me but to Genesis too. 


Angelina said...

After reading your blog then going back and reading your new post of the day! I cried. Of course I remember we didn't sit there and talk about nothing, we talk about your struggles and everything else that came about :)

MissingYouAlways said...

happy bday my dear friend thank you for being there for me <3

Tiffany said...

Thank you for listening to me all those times. A true friend may not always have the answers or know what to say but they always listen, and that is worth more than anyone knows. Hugs Angie! <3

Holly said...

Happy Birthday!

croleyc69 said...

Happy Birthday Tiffany !!


Tiffany said...

happy bday my dear friend thank you for being there for me <3

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