Monday, September 27, 2010

BLM on a TV series

I have a guilty pleasure and Im gonna come out of the closet with it. I love Desperate Housewives.... the TV show ya sickos haha!! Well the season premier was yesterday and only today did I get around to watching it. Lynette Scavo, on the show, debuted her beautiful newborn daughter. I instantly remembered that last season she was actually pregnant with twins and one twin passed away, her son. His name was is Patrick. I love that they gave him a name. Anyway, this brought back so many emotions for me. First off Id like to give Marc Cherry, the producer, some major kudos for having the balls to include such a taboo and horrific event happen to one of the main characters. That took a lot of cahones. 

For those of you that dont watch the show let me give you a quick recap. Lynette was pregnant with the twins and at a block party. A small plane was making an emergency landing right in the street the party was on. Lynette saw that one of Gabby's daughters was in the path of the plane and she jumped in to save her. She saved Celia but it seems that her doing that may have hurt one of the babies, though this isnt for sure stated that it was specifically caused by her actions. Blood flow to one of the babies was not good and required an emergency surgery and he didnt survive, but the other twin, Piper, was just fine. Here are a few snippets:

Those scenes always makes me cry. So far no other mention or memory of Patrick has been seen yet this season. I found a cheat-site or spoiler sight for Desperate Housewives. So if you dont want to know what may happen, stop reading here. But if you want to hear the touching story, get cozy in your chair, grab some hot chocolate and close the door.

The spoilers say this is going to happen:

Lynette loves this little girl so much, especially considering everything that's occurred during her pregnancy. She can't help but be happy that everything is fine. Nothing has gone wrong in months.That's when she bursts into sobs. Tom is by his wife's side in an instant. 
Tom:"What's wrong?" He's been worried about her ever since Patrick died. The grief had blanketed their house for months.
Lynette: "I 'm happy. I'm not sad. Piper's here and she's healthy. I shouldn't be so happy when Patrick's dead," Lynette explains in between sobs, her breath hitching. She never got to know her little boy, but Lynette misses him so much.
Tom: "Oh, Lynette. It's okay to be happy about Piper when Patrick's dead. There's nothing wrong with that." Tom rubs his wife's back to calm her down.
Lynette: "I didn't even want the babies in the first place, Tom. Our little boy isn't here. I should have known something was wrong earlier than I did." Lynette can't stop crying.
Tom: "Lynette, Patrick dying wasn't your fault. I told you this before. It's okay to cry over him. Nobody is judging you for being happy that Piper is here and healthy." Tom has been waiting for this. Lynette cried for days after Patrick's death and after her discharge from the hospital, but then she had thrown herself into the pregnancy and taking care of the older kids.
Lynette: "How can you say that? It was a great thing that I saved Celia, but it's still my fault." Lynette will always believe that. Patrick died because she had to be the hero. What would he have been like otherwise? Preston, Porter, Parker, Penny, and Piper are never going to know their brother, and that's the saddest thing about this.
Tom: "Lynette, you were wonderful to save Celia. I'm going to say this again. but what happened to Patrick was not your fault. Babe, you are a great mother. Don't ever doubt that. Our kids love you. Piper is going to be fine." Tom smiles at her and starts to sing, hoping to calm his wife down. He wants Lynette to be happy.
Lynette leans her head against Tom's shoulder and smiles at Piper. The little girl isn't a fussy baby, which is odd for a newborn. She is just thrilled that Piper is in their life now. Lynette doesn't know how she would have reacted if both babies had died. 
Lynette: "I love you, Piper Annabelle Scavo," she tells the newborn.
Piper continues to sleep in her mother's arms, unaware of the grief her parents are going through. Tom picks up his daughter and lays her down in the bassinet. The baby will be more comfortable there than in her mother's arms, most likely.
Lynette falls asleep and dreams of a life with both Patrick and Piper. The grown up Patrick appears to her in the dream. "It's okay to move on without me, Mom. What happened to me wasn't your fault. Live your life. Be happy with Piper and the rest of my siblings."
When Lynette wakes up, she doesn't feel guilty. She's been feeling guilty ever since Patrick's death, so it's nice not to experience that feeling for once. She has five kids who need her. "I love you," she tells an also awake Piper.
"She loves you too," Tom replies. He leans over and kisses his wife again.
It'll be hard, but Lynette and Tom will eventually move on from Patrick's death. It'll always stay with them, however.
At Piper's high school graduation, all the Scavos are there to cheer her on.
They think about Patrick, but realize that it is okay to be happy for Piper on a very important day.
The Scavos are all there as Piper walks down the aisle ten years later and marries MJ Delfino. They had been a couple for six years.
They stay in the waiting room as Piper Scavo-Delfino gives birth to a son she names after her twin brother. Patrick Michael Scavo-Delfino isn't Tom and Lynette's first grandchild, but they still cry when they hear his name.
Nothing will ever tear the Scavo family apart. They are strong together.

If what this site says happens, that is a big step for BLMs on a popular TV show. I love how Patrick will always be on their mind and how even decades later hearing his name moves them to tears. Not that I love the pain they are going through, but I love that Marc Cherry is documenting this for the world to see that its not something that goes away overnight... or ever. Id like to hear your thoughts on this.


Jessica said...

Love love LOVE desperate housewives! On a completely different note in Little House on the Prairie their son dies weeks after birth... I was shocked that they did an episode on that back in the 70s!

michelle hs said...

this excites me! i don't watch desperate housewives on a regular basis, but if i happen to be home when it's on rather than working i watch. i hope that they follow this story line and are willing to take a chance and talk about such a taboo subject with such honesty and not just brush off the death of a baby.

Jill said...

Oh my, I just watched and read that with tears. I love that show, but missed most of last season. I hope they follow this storyline.

Holly said...

I'm very glad this is gonna be on!

Lisette said...

I watch it too. I am so glad they "named" Patrick. I like Jill hope they follow up with more this storyline.

Tiffany said...

I watch it too. I am so glad they "named" Patrick. I like Jill hope they follow up with more this storyline.

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