Friday, September 3, 2010

BLM friends and a Rainbow Lunch

Today I met up with some BLMs that I met through facebook. (Well, Ive met 2 of them online but had yet to know of the third BLM) Brianne, aka Bree, was kind enough to host a lovely lunch for us. Bree is Ella's mommy as well as mommy to rainbow baby Nora. Her blog is My Baby Butterfly Ella where she makes your angle a cute butterfly. Rachel, from Triplet Butterfly Wings, was also able to join us. She releases monarch butterflies for angel babies on her blog. She is mama to triplets Jaxson, Colin & Courtney as well as mommy to rainbow baby Kenzington aka Monkey ;). She came from Ventura County to join us. And last but not least there was Nicolle. Mama to Kasey and mama to rainbow baby Brooklyn. Nicolle came all the way from CO. Id be lying if I told you she flew in just for the lunch ha ha! But Im so glad she made us part of her trip to CA. In total that makes 4 mamas, 6 angel babies and 5 rainbows. It hardly seems fair that we were missing so many babies.

The lunch was just amazing. The food smelled delicious and tasted even better. I wish I had taken photos of the food. Not only was it delicious but it was soooo pretty too! Bree put our Angel baby's names, as well as other baby angel names, next to the yummy chocolate chip cookie muffins so that they were there in spirit with us. 

She gave me Genesis' name to take along with some of the goodies when I went back home.
How cute is that? <3
Bree was kind enough to give me my own Ella Butterfly for Genesis. How sweet is that? I had requested Genesis name to be done by several BLM (Rachel included) and I had intended to request one from Bree before I even knew her, but life just got so busy I forgot. Well I finally got it. I LOVE it!
I cant tell you how yummy the food was. No really. I had never had a tomato sandwich before and Im not big on veggies so I was a little worried I wasnt going to like it. This is now SO my favorite food! Bree you must share the recipe! Then there was a super yummy salad as well, I already mentioned the chocolate chip cookie muffins and there were also chocolate cupcakes! The cupcakes were SOOOO adorable in pink butterfly cupcake holders! Seems like the theme for todays "Rainbow Lunch" was butterflies, LOVE IT!
I felt so comfortable with these ladies like I had known them all along. It was like being with family better than being with family. (you know what I mean since it seems family seems to hurt us the most when it comes to our angels) We enjoyed each others company, reminisced about our angels, some shed a few tears, nursed our rainbows and just had a good time. There were times where I felt my eyes start to water when I spoke of Genesis and my struggles, but I was able to control the water works today.

I have to admit that I was a little apprehensive at first when I was invited. After Genesis died so did my former self. I was no longer the outgoing, happy, friendly person I once was. I am more of a homebody now and dont have much of a social life being a single mama of two. I dont get out much and needless to say I dont have very many REAL friends. And zero friends that have had a loss that I can relate to and get/give support in that way. So I was afraid that I was going to meet a bunch of strangers and have it be really awkward and not know what to say and not enjoy myself. That SO did NOT happen. I am so happy I stepped out of my comfort zone. Like I mentioned above... it was awesome, it was relaxing, it was so enjoyable and I cant wait to do it again! And did I mention the rainbows got along great! No meltdowns, no fighting and no hysterical crying, by either babys or mamas ;), all the kids were very well behaved. It was so cute too because the three littlest rainbows were so close in age. (How cute does that sound? 'littlest rainbows' lol) Here is a pic of the rainbows minus mine. I cropped mine out for privacy reasons but if you'd like to see the unedited photo feel free to check out my facebook albums.
How cute are these little ladies? Really, cropping out my two rainbows does not give the photo justice as to how cute it was to have all the babies together. When it was time to go I felt like I wanted to stay, like I belonged there with "my kind". With women that "get it." Im so happy to have made new friends with these wonderful and inspirational women and so happy our rainbows are friends as well.
On my drive home as I was stuck in traffic, as is accustom in Los Angeles, a dragonfly, of all things, flew right in front of my car and stayed for about 5 seconds just hovering above my hood. How awesome is that?


Michelle said...

Oh, that is great. I need to round up some ppl in my area. I too have little social interaction. I did see your pic on fb and the rainbows do look so cute together.

MissingYouAlways said...

so awesome! I so wish I knew some BLMS in the area. =( I think it would be just what I need.
Im just gonna come live in your garage or closet =P lol jk <3

Holly said...

I'm glad you all enjoyed your time together! Nothing like getting together with other BLMs.

Bree said...

i had such a nice time too! i don't have very many friends in real life either, especially in LA. you can come over for the sandwich anytime. xo

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