Sunday, September 26, 2010

Beach Day

Today it was just too darn hot to stay in the house, especially when our house has no A/C. It was 103 degrees when we decided to go to the beach. I love living in LA because we are just a short drive away from many beaches. Today we decided to go to Seal Beach. I had never been there before so I was looking forward to it. On the way there we had to drive through Long Beach. To my surprise we drove right past Recreation Park where the LA Walk To Remember is going to take place on October 9th. Im glad I know where it is because Im the type of person to get lost even with a GPS in my car and on my phone. It was a beautiful park and I cant wait to meet the BLMs I know from facebook as well as meet new BLM friends.

Anyway, we got to the beach and it was beautiful. I seriously think Seal Beach is my new favorite beach. D had been to the beach several times before but didnt like how the sand felt on his feet and didnt like going anywhere near the water and it always ended in him crying and not enjoying the beach. I was afraid today was going to be the same. However, I gave him a little pep talk as we were walking from the car to the beach and told him the sand would feel funny on his feet but that it was ok and we were gonna have lots of fun. Evidently this pep talk worked. He had so much fun. He took of his shoes and walked in the sand, played in it, built castles, collected seaweed... the works. G was in such a good mood and just took in the scenery. 

I loved watching D play but then my mind began to wonder. Wonder what Genesis would be doing. I bet she would have been walking all around the shore collecting seashells and sand crabs. She would have tried to scare D with the sand crabs ha ha, and she would be tearing down D's sand castles Im sure. And I would here from D, "MOM! Genesis is tearing down my sand castle!!!" sigh...what I wouldn't give to hear that tattle tailing. 

I also wanted to share something that I guess might be special that happened. As we were packing up to leave a feather blew in right over me and landed in my hands from nowhere. I didnt see any birds around or anything. Isnt that supposed to mean something good? I felt like it was from Genesis and I kept it.

And when I got home I found that I had won a giveaway over at Audrey's Little Light. I won a personalized candle for Genesis. I had wanted one for so long and didnt even know where to go. As I was entering her giveaway by leaving my comments I kid you not, I felt Genesis presence with me and something told me I was gonna win. Was I hopeful? Ya totally. But I had a feeling come over me that was more than that, like I had this in the bag. But it was still a surprise to me when I saw that I actually did win. Thank you baby girl! I know you had to have helped some how.


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