Friday, August 20, 2010

I did it

I went and dropped off my memory box to the hospital. I thought it would be a quick process. Get in, drop it off, take a picture and adios. But no.

As I mentioned before the awesome lady I talked to on the phone, Senene was her name, wasn't going to be there today. Instead she told me to ask for a Tracy. Tracy was as compassionate as Senene was over the phone. She delicately took the memory box and opened it to see all the little "treasures" inside. She adored each item in there and was really touched by my donation. She told me she could tell it was made with love. And of course like I predicted I cried. But they were not all sad tears, they were mixed in with happy tears as well.

She gave me several hugs and offered to walk me to the new garden for their lost babies. I agreed. The garden was so calming and beautiful. They have a little waterfall in there and a mama and baby statue on the path. I cried again when I saw this.
She then offered to walk me to the chapel and even though I have my own beliefs I agreed and was in awe of how beautiful the stained glass window was.

She took her time with the tour and even played with my kids that I brought along. She was very kind and invited me back to the garden anytime I wanted. And she thanked me over and over for the memory box. Just an amazing experience.


Wyatt's Mommie said...

Oh, I love the garden. So beautiful. I wasn't able to take my box to the hospital on 8/19. 8/19 was Wyatt's due date, so it was all I could do to act normal on Thursday. I will be taking the box I am creating up on 9/26. I have mixed emotions. Happy to something for another family, sad to go back into that same SDU wing where I delivered my angel.
I love your photos in this post. I love this post!!!

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