Friday, August 20, 2010

The BLM Community

I have got to tell you how much I love the BLM community. It's a community that you wish you were never a part of, and no one would join voluntarily. But, if you are forced to join this awful club, it is one of the best, if not the best, online support communities there is. I have never met a group of more understanding, supportive and loving people. It's incredible.

Unfortunately I did not come across this community until it had already been about 2 years that my dear Genesis died. Those two years were very difficult where I had no one that could relate or understand what I was and still am going through. I came across To Write Their Names In The Sand, and the lovely and life changing Carly Marie Dudley. Yes that name is a well known name among the BLM community. It was her that actually coined the phrase BLM and started Babylost Mothers Day and August 19th Day of Hope. It was through he first blog that I found this community filled with wonderful mamas and daddies.

As I mentioned before, I along with my two rainbows are attending the OC Walk to Remember this year. I wanted to have my rainbows wear special shirts saying who they were walking for, their big sister. So I went to one of my favorite sites, to see what they had. I found a seller that did embroidery on kids clothing that said "Big Sister" or "Little Brother" and things along those lines. I sent her a message to see if she could do a custom set that said "Remembering My Big Sister" and I briefly told her what these shirt were going to be used for. She replied and we had the following conversation:

Her: I too know what its like to lose a child.
Me: Im so sorry you know what its like to loose a child also. Its horrible isnt it? You never really get over it. :(
Her: Yes, its very hard to get over it. I still cry. Its been 10 years. It was a boy. I think this is so sweet what you guys are doing.
Me: Im so very sorry to hear about your son. My daughter would have been 3 1/2. Im not sure if you are familiar with the baby loss community online but they are the most caring and wonderful people I have ever met. One of them in particular runs this blog along with others if you are interested in taking a look. HUGS! And Im glad that you will have a part in our special day where we remember my daughter by making my kid's shirts!

I sent her the link to Carly's To Write Their Names In The Sand blog. She replied with this:

"OMG! That site is so touching and beautiful! Words at times like these is are so hard to say. I will be with you guys in spirt. My heart goes out to all you moms and dads and family. We sure are blessed for the sweet hearts we have here with us on Earth and our little angels we have watching over us. We carry them forever in our hearts! I will check out that site again more. Hugs to you too :) "

Isnt that great? I love being able to bring in new people to help them get support. And I love how loving she was as well. See! I told you BLM are just amazing!


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